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Gross But Funny!

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He was eating tissue used by one of the other guys on the show to blow his nose. The guy who used the tissue had a cold at the time. That's why Eric was eating the tissue and the other guys were calling it a cancer rag. Re-watch the video with that in mind and it will make sense. Btw, Eric won $700 off one of the other guys for doing it.

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I could not stop laughing as I watched this video from Holmberg's Morning Sickness on a local radio station. Check it out!


ewwww.! I just wasted more than 2 minutes of my life...lol

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What are you talking abot, follower? That vid was great!!

haha...lol. As the saying goes, "different strokes, for different folks" ;)

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That's what he was eating?! I thought it was just paper. My husband is going to hurl when he sees this.

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