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Do you have a calender up on the wall in your kitchen or other communal room? A visual aide/reminder works best for me! I would write it down on a calender and highlight it and mark it off when done. As for what to do with your little ones, I would get the nursery manual and one or two other books based on it (I found a couple in an LDS bookstore - I'm sorry I can't remember the titles at present. They are not offiicial Church publications but do follow the nursery manual) and perhaps the children's versions of the Scriptures and take suggestions from them. The nursery lessons involve story telling, coloring and play and can keep little ones engaged for 10-20 minutes, which is probably quite long enough for a FHE at their age! Maybe you could ask Nursery at church which lesson they are on and use that lesson the next day?

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I use to belong to several FHE packet groups that put together FHE lessons and shared. I just gave them all away now that my kids are mostly grown, but even then I'd forget to pull one out to use, so I hear ya. I'd just concentrate on making each day a little special for the kids or maybe a lesson on Sunday, and activity on Monday or another day of the week if you forgot it.

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Every year I get several beautiful calendars in the mail... I really like the Humane Soc of the U.S.'s because they have nice big squares for each day/date so I can write in the squares as needed... I'd be absolutely lost without my calendar!! I hang it on the inside of my kitchen cupboard (the one near the phone and over the "junk drawer" (doesn't everyone have a kitchen junk drawer?). The first thing I do is post appointments and important dates... it works...


edit to add: Of coourse one has to actually look at the calendar... so that has become a part of my routine in the evening (checking for the next day), and again in the a.m . to see what's on the schedule for that day.

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I read over my post again, I should have recognized better that you're kids are 1 and 2! I give you credit for even thinking about FHE for these little ones. I like the advice that others have given. My advice was for older children.

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