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Archaeology Medieval Knight'S Tomb Found Under Parking Lot


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • By Questing Beast
      Ingenuous: without guile, frank, straight forward, innocent, trusting, open,  ... Real.
      Was Joseph Smith ingenuous?
      I want to believe that he was, at least at first, less so as he got into the role of "prophet". When he doubted the depth of that role, as it applied to himself, he was less prone to mistakes of going too far. But later, when he was more accustomed to receiving "revelation" on everything as it suited the occasion, he got into errors - that is, if you accept the contradictory evidence, which is deadlocked upon the "petard" of conflicting, viable, primary sources (e.g. William Marks' quote of JS in the 1853 newspaper article: "We are a ruined people", etc.)
      Was Joseph Smith ingenuous to the end or did he fall into becoming disingenuous?...
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