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New Website For Prc Citizen Members Of The Lds Church


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Apparently, there are thousands of native Chinese from the Peoples Republic of China who join the church while out-of-country, and who may eventually return home. the Church has created a website for them to help them with finding places to worship and the legalities of religious practice in their native land.

This website seeks to answer “Frequently Asked Questions” by PRC Church members outside China and by Church leaders who work around the world with those members. It gives needed basic information for PRC Chinese members returning to China, including whom to contact for information, attending Sunday Church meetings and encouragement to observe relevant Chinese laws. Also provided are links to online Church resources in simplified Chinese.


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I thought this was very cool when Tacenda brought it to my attention.

The internet is a great tool for the Church, not only in missionary work but to create stronger ties for our religious community.

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IM(very)HO, I suspect this website is in large part aimed at the government of the PRC to show them the church's good faith efforts to abide by the current laws regarding religion in that country.

It's a very touchy subject with that government, and even the recent internet rumor about China missions prompted a formal inquiry from the Chinese government to church headquarters.

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I think this is a good resource particularly for people returning to China. I remember attending a baptism on my mission of a girl from China baptized by her boyfriend (also from China) and she had planned to return. Back then (2004) there was nothing known and no info to give her. I'd venture a guess that numerous people just get lost as there was no official resource to help returning members even know that the church is even in China.

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