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Ian Barbour'S Myths, Models And Paradigms Online

Kevin Christensen

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I Just noticed that one of my all time favorite books is available online, for those disinclined to use Bookfinder.com or Amazon to get the real thing, although I think an electronic version for Kindle is due fairly soon.


The subtitle is "A Comparative Study of Science and Religion." It was up for the National Book Award in 1974, and Barbour later won the Templeton Prize for his work on Science and Religion. I like it because its exceptional clarity and utility It's also fairly short, just under 200 pages. And it's the kind of book which, if digested properly, ought to move a student much further, much faster, and with much less trauma through the 9 stages of the Perry Scheme of Cognitive and Ethical Growth than they might do without it.


Kevin Christensen

Bethel Park, PA

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Thanks for the link, Kevin. I read this one when you recommended it to me a few years back.

You are welcome Blair. I spotted another online version of Myths, Models, and Paradigms here:


LDS readers ought to appreciate the discussion of Process Theology toward the end, since that has such interesting resonances with what we have. I've also thought about how the Parable of the Partisan can be seen as resonant with the situation in the Harry Potter books with Dumbledoor's declaration that "I trust Severus Snape."

Kevin Christensen

Pittsburgh, PA

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