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Free Resources For Learning Hebrew


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Every now and then there are a few posts concerning the original languages and semantics of the scriptures, I thought I would just start a short thread on some of the resources those out there use to learn new languages?

If anyone wants to learn Hebrew, here is a very simple workbook to learn all the letters:


Also, This is a good resource:


Just type in a verse, click on the little "c" box to the right of the verse for concordance or lexicon etc. etc. then click on the words, and it gives you the def / even a recording of how it sounds.

What resources do others out there use?


random interesting Hebrew words for the day.

Most Hebrew words are made up of 3 main root characters (to which vowels and various masculine/feminine endings are added).


Laban (L-B-n) is a Hebrew name, and if you write it backwards (n-v-L) it means "villian" (Naval - the v and the b in Hebrew are both made with the same character, sometimes the B has a dot in it, but they are pretty much the same)


Moses (Mosheh) in reverse is one of the names of God - Hashem - meaning "the name"


Sneh - the thorny burning bush of Moses, is hannes in reverse which is miracle.


Roa means malice/wickedness, and in reverse iver means "blind"


Osher means riches, backwards - resha - it means iniquity/injustice


Mavet means death, backwards - tom - it means innocence, wholeness, purity, naivety, and also end.

(See Job 21:23)


Aluf - leader/the head, often the name for God. In reverse it becomes peleh which means wonder.


Noah - derives from the same root as "to rest" / comfortable. Noah backwards is "chen", which means to find favor with / grace.

Gen 6:8 "Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord"

(nun vs. nun sofit - some letters have a different form when at the end of a word, sort of we have capital or lower case letters at the start of our words, but Gen6:8 is definitely a little play on words written forwards and backwards)

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