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"Click A New Button" - A Request

Storm Rider

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When I use a forum I tend to track several topics of interest, but I seldom have an interest in each topic brought up on the Board. Would it be possible to have a button on each Forum that would allow a reader to click and have all the underlying threads or topics show as read? I tend to go and click on each topic so that it shows as read to allow for me to track new comments. Yes, I know, I am very **** person and really like everything to line up straight without anything out of place. I have dealt with it all my life and I just have to admit one of my many weaknesses. Regardless, if this could be programmed in I would appreciate it. It is used on other boards; the one that comes immediately to mind is the "Camino de Santiago de Compostela Forum".

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There is a button called "mark the forum as read" up by the "new topic" button. Also, if you go on the main page and click on the quote balloon in front of a forum's name, it marks the entire forum as read.

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Whoohoo!!! I just saw the button and it worked. It made me laugh because the same information was given to me at the other site after several years of participation. My nature obviously is seriously lacking noticing details that are right before me eyes. You would think I would learn my lesson. I thank you kindness in pointing it out.

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