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Mormon Studies At The University Of Utah

David Bokovoy

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Good on ya, Dude! (And, of course, I mean no disrespect callin' ya "Dude," Bro. Bokovoy: you surf; you should be able to take it! :D)

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I'd love to take this class! I have a copy of the 1830 edition of the BOM, would you be covering or mentioning the differences in the current one and that one? They don't offer religion classes to adults (married or non student) anymore in the church I've heard, I may be wrong. So this is a great substitute.

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The course covers primarily literary issues rather than textual criticism. We will us Grant Hardy's Reader's Edition of the Book of Mormon as the primary text. This is an academic course and therefore quite a bit different than an "institute" or "adult religious eduction" course.

Sorry, I should have realized the difference between institute and academic. Thanks for the information. I'm terrible at scripture reading, I like the chapter form of the 1830 Edition, maybe that's similar to the class in that it feels like a chapter book.
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