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58 New Missions Announced Today


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Will bring the total to 405. Seven new missions in Brazil alone.

Here is the complete list:


Now I feel silly, the complete list is also on the third page of the linked article. But tremendous news in any case!

Not too long ago many critics of our faith were making prophecies of our doom, as some MTC's were closed in other countries. Not to mention that as a result of changes in age for young men and women have caused mission submissions to skyrocket. Especially among young women...God bless them.
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Anyone know where there is a list of missions with a map of what they cover and with the number of missionaries assigned. I could only find one which had branches, wards and temples and meetinghouses

You can find mission boundaries in the meetinghouse locator function at lds.org, though working through the boundaries for 400+ missions might take a while. The number of missionaries assigned is a moving target, fluctuating with the time of year as well as church allocations. And with the "spike", the number would be going up at almost every mission.

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