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The Heart Is The Only Nation

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While this essay is from a neopagan perspective, I wonder if the principles have any bearing on how to get the most out of LDS rites and ordinances. What do you think?

Yours under the sacred oaks,

Nathair /|\

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I loved that article. Very cool. A few weeks ago someone in our ward talked about how we can have a fire, but first we have to gather the wood. The point of gathering wood IS to have the fire, but you can't have the fire without first gathering wood. He also told about how a person wrote a story about how they had a profound experience helping a little child. But the speaker said that he would not have been there for that experience if he hadn't "shown up": 1. been at church; 2. been helping his wife (with her Primary calling); 3. making an effort to actually learn the words to the primary songs; 4. noticing a person who looked like they needed help and acting on it. Of course, our LDS things aren't the only places to "show up", but the principle works. In Islam, they have principles called zahir and batin, which I love. Zahir must be as exact as we can make it--the outward rites. When these are in place, then we are prepared for batin--the inner religion. If we stop at zahir, we have discovered nothing; and yet batin cannot arise without zahir. I think when we go to the temple (for just one example), then we are constantly giving ourselves the opportunity for the fire to be lit.

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I attended the temple monthly, at times weekly, for years, and I never once felt any more "fire" than I do outside the temple. My home is more interesting and spiritual than the temple, because when I start to get bored at home I always have something to read or listen to or do. In the temple boredom lasts for two or more hours and there is no remedy except when it's over and I can leave. So the "gathering wood" (temple attendance) isn't for me. I keep a recommend so that I can attend family affairs at the temple, especially marriages....

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