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Even A Drink A Day Boosts Cancer Death Risk, Alcohol Study Finds


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So maybe that one drink a day isn't as good for your health as some thought it was.

I once had someone tell me I could thank JS for my diabetes, because I don't drink coffee. True story. :(
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I once had someone tell me I could thank JS for my diabetes, because I don't drink coffee. True story. :sad:

Take heart, Pa Pa. :) In response to the 10,000th "Coffee is Actually Good For You" thread on this Board, I responded, "I don't care if it's the very elixir of life. I have covenanted not to drink it, and I know I will be blessed for keeping my covenants." :)

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I once had someone tell me I could thank JS for my diabetes, because I don't drink coffee. True story. :sad:

Except at least in the past LDS had rates of 50% diabetes as the rest of the population, don't know about now:
In 1938, John A. Widtsoe, an Apostle, a noted chemist and former President of University of Utah, wrote a book on the Word of Wisdom. An expert on sugar, he implored people to curb eating refined sugar and emphasize fresh vegetables. He also attributed to the Word of Wisdom low Mormon death rates from many diseases including an extraordinary 50 percent reduced rate for diabetes....Soon, Enstrom, Lyon and others examined and confirmed Elder Widtsoe’s 1938 statistics that Mormon diabetes was 50% less and bladder and kidney disease 51 percent less than average. (around 1975)
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    • By LisaALu
      Born and raised LDS, married in the Temple...the whole 9 yards.  Well....except I like to drink, sometimes socially, other times to "make things go away".  My husband and I started on a vacation 17 years ago, and justified that since it was out of the country....we went every other year, came back, prayed for forgiveness and moved on.  But in the last 2-3 years we have become far more involved.  We can go 4-5 months and then binge for 2 weeks.  Then we set a new time frame and start over.  We don't go to the Temple because we feel that we shouldn't.  So here is the thing...our recommends are 3 days from expiring and the counselor is bugging us to schedule.  STUCK!  TO be clear, neither of us have an issue with doctrine, Joseph Smith or Priesthood....or any of the other usual things.  We have always clung to our faith.  So what we have  in a sense going on, is that we want our cake and to eat it too.  The dilemma is what to do about the counselor.  If we don't go within a certain time for a renewal, we hit the Bishops radar...if we get called in, he's going to want to know why. I am not ready to come clean, I don't want help.  But I don't want to lie in a sacred interview.  To add to the mix, we are going to Europe and plan on drinking a lot of wine.  Later this year another vacation where we will be drinking a lot.  If you are wondering, no, it's not alcoholism on either side...it's that binge thing.  We hold out and then binge in our "off" time.  Knowing that we have no intention of quitting this year...I feel I am stuck with 2 choices.  First, come clean to the Bishop, and deal with consequences, such as being removed from our callings (we have limited our other activities such as Temple and off and on with Sacrament) OR we lie...(it's hard to write that).  If we just get through those interviews, we are off anyones radar while we continue to seek our way through this mess we made.  I want the whole Eternity thing.  My husband is more of a closed book and can't say what he wants.  He wants me...for ever, but he is hurt by the church....I should say WE are hurt by people in the church...their cultural stupidity and not doctrine..  Our 4 children have all opted out, my husband says "if they aren't going to be there, why would I work so hard to be there" of course he doesn't mean that about me.  So it's complicated.  We know the people aren't true, but the church is.  But boy can they do damage.  So I am looking for thoughts. Ps, anyone know how to ask the counselor for time without it going on the Bishops agenda?
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      Mrs. Gui and I have been involved in piloting the Addiction Recovery Program, emphasis
      on the support of families and loved ones of addicts. When we had our initial experiences with
      loved ones in addiction, there wasn't much the Church offered in the way of help, except
      to point us to Al-Anon. Now, there are LDS12-Step programs for addicts and for families and
      loved ones whose lives are messed up with co-dependency. The 12 Steps are similar to
      AA, but Christ centered with quotes from General Authorities and LDS scriptures in addition
      to the AA resources that are available. We have learned more about the Atonement and
      its practical application in this program than we have anywhere else. It is hands-on and
      powerful. Hurrah!
      I invite anyone who is struggling with any kind of addiction or who has had their lives turned upside
      down by having an addict in the home to find the LDS ARP program near you. The Church
      website has a locator. This is a huge step in the right direction.
      These are effective spiritual tools and bring great blessings and healing to the victims of addiction!!
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      Many people use alcohols such as wine or beer in their cooking to add flavor. Given the fact that sometimes not all alcohol is cooked out of the dish would you consider eating such dishes a violation of the Word of Wisdom?
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