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Drug Cartels Make Life Difficult For Mormon Fundamentalists In Mexico


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I was drawn to this news story that was aired last Tuesday on KUTV in Utah because I had once read "My Favorite Wife" by Susan Ray Schmidt. She goes into detail about the LeBaron Family and her escape. She married Verlan, the man that is talked about in the second video below, it is quite the story.

A link to her book....http://www.bettyconf...g_Polygamy.html


The full length video below is the one that was shown in parts on KUTV. They mention Mitt Romney's family that live in a community nearby that starts at about 32 min. and interview Mitt's second cousin. There is some language to beware of but very interesting and makes one want to run for the hills!


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I saw part of this...had to shorten the time I could watch so I started skipping some as it was repetitious and irrelevant chat chit at times. Very interesting. I need to go back and watch the last part sometime to fill in the gaps I missed as in if there were any other ways the community was protecting itself besides welcoming in the feds.

I watched it completely up to the point where the host said something like "I thought that guy was a friend of yours" speaking of someone who had driven by that the person had sort of waved to and the guy responded something like "no, he was probably one of those who killed my brother" and it was sort of freaking the host out and I got tired of that type of overdrama.

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When I read the title of the thread the first thing that popped into my head was the episode of Big Love where Bill and his brother go down to Mexico to rescue his son from the greens. Its funny because in the show it was the fundamentalists running the cartels IIRC.

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