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March Madness


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What is March madness?

Ellen, March Madness is a term applied to the college basketball games during the NCAA championships. 64 teams are chosen and through single elimination after 6 rounds there is a national champion. March Madness is popular nationwide here in the U.S. where people fill out a bracket on their guesses of who will win.

see here for a Wikipedia article on March madness. see here for an example of the bracket.

In many of these there is money for the winner. I avoid these ones because it is too close for gambling for my tastes. I started a fun MADB tourny here on this site about 4 years ago. There is usually about 4-6 members who usually will participate. There is no money, no gambling what so ever required here. We do have a fun and all voluntary idea that if you win you suggest a theme or sentence for the other players to post as part of their signature for about a month. But that too is not mandatory either. For example IIRC, Thunderfire won one year and suggested something to the effect that we post something about Jesus being our personal Savior. I had no problem having that as a signature to some of my posts for a month. Another idea would be allowing the winner to choose an avatar that we might use for a month. of course these are all voluntary and must comply to all the rules of MADB and even be above the rules nothing embarrassing or in bad taste.

All in all it is suppose to be fun and generate some fun between the members here. I do not follow sports hardly at all but thought it would be a fun and clean way to participate in all the craziness.

Hope this helps


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As I mentioned on the board... I'm absolutely crazy about BYU Cougar sports, particularly basketball and volleyball, both men's and women's and am fortunate to be able to watch on BYU-TV and on ESPN when available. But the other night there were no BYU sports... I was tired of the news... so I turned to ESPNU and watched the college basketball... Marquette vs U of So Florida... first I was rooting for Michigan as I have family there... then I switched to Florida as the underdog... it was fun and I actually enjoyed it... I can see how people can get caught up in the March Madness...


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