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No one on earth but me may care, and candidly, I don't blog to attract notice: basically, I only do it so that my work will be on another server somewhere if-and-when my computer crashes ... :rofl: Any-whoo, since I haven't cared, to this point, who sees the blog and who doesn't, I was quite surprised to find that, not only has my blog been noticed, it has been reblogged (not to mention who reblogged it: I'm not even sure how they found it. I guess they did a search on the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., or something, and miraculously, my blog came up).

Here's the reblog: http://www.cslcivilrights.com/2013/01/25/1037/

And, since belated wishes are better than none, happy Martin Luther King Day everyone! :)

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You make it sound as good as re-baptism.


Heh! ;) I suppose it's no big deal ... certainly not that big ... but having people read my blog is one thing, having someone conclude that it's worth reading enough that they want to put it on their site, too is quite another. :)

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Thank you for linking to your Blog.

Thanks. (I know there's a lot of stuff on there with which you'll disagree politically, but hopefully there's some stuff that you'll agree with theologically and socially. And as strongly as I hold certain opinions, I also try to adhere to the old adage that if two people are of exactly the same opinion on absolutely everything, one of them is unnecessary. I certainly don't think you're unnecessary.) :)

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There is also the old adage that great minds think alike. ;)

I was in HS when Dr. King was assassinated. He'd long been my hero.

He was a flawed man, but he was a man for his time. I think the Lord has a way of placing certain people in certain places at certain times, so that they can do good both on the micro level and on the macro level. He was one of the latter.

P.S.: And remember, consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. While that statement usually refers to a single mind, perhaps it's also true of two or more minds. ;)

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