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Utah Lds People


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Is it me or I feel that LDS kids don't have a clue.

It seems that the LDS people around the world are very nice and understand.

Here in the capitol of the religion is were the cold minded ones are.

It seems that they help you because they think you are not at there level. That isn't helping someone

that is changing them. And if god did create the universe then why are the members condensending?

Because if he created the world, and whole universe he also created you right? So let's say you were struggling, might be poor, or don't have a car, or nicer things, or let's say you did smoke nicotine. You are not anyless or better, but only to the eyes of the mormons here in utah they just are afraid to see outside the box. First off, I wish they would know the facts before they judge. An example, I saw a guy at school ask a girl out. Apparently they were going to lagoon (amusment park) on his birthday. He does have friends who smoke pot but never at the amusement park. Like someone is going to pull out a bong and toke it up on a roller coaster. Anyways, she said.. "what kind are they"... He said "I am not quite sure what you mean? She replied, "Are they LDS?.. He said no, but your my friend, they are my friends therefore everyone is fun to be around and we will all have a good time, it's my birthday.

The girl said, I only hang with LDS people. He replied, "you are predijuce? she said, no its just heavenly father says to stay away from druggies..

"hey man, let's go smoke some crack, you can smell it on them...


you can smelll crack on people?... Cigs, or weed but weed only if you just toked it..

So my question is..

How do I go about keeping my sanity, so I don't lash out by saying something stupid. I think that if people are this closed minded, if I made a comment to defend my friend, to them who knows they might think I'm tempered. It seems that LDS people in utah are raised in a comfort zone. They dont want to go outside and stretch the muscles of the mind, they are perfectly safe and cozy, in which I understand the comfort of it, but by that means it effects us. Because when we are judged by the "We ARE THE ONLY ONES WHo ARE BETTER" type of people it hurts my feelings. What do I do about it? Can someone give me any advice of how to overcome the ignorance of the state of Utah and what the lds culture has become? Christ would never be ignorant .... But at the same time I like the church, but the people really make me feel that Christ did the opposite of what he was teaching. It's almost as if he created shallow, cold hearted people, and he was supposed to put the universe in peace. It seems that the LDS people are the only ones who are right, and they win by favortism automatically.

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