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I See The Image Of Christ In My Gay Son, Lord

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None are embarrassed! If anything, I'm only embarrassed that my attempts at verse don't turn out at all.

I would never even dare post any of the stuff I've attempted over the years. I think my last effort was in grade 8 or thereabouts. Never been good at creative writing, always more of an analytical writer. I admire anyone who can manage to put to paper their imagination in a way that others can experience it as well. Poetry is a special calling. My sister is a poet but she also had a lot of background in writing as she got a doctorate in English lit and is not someone I would trust with a screwdriver. OTOH, you PaPa manage to be both a poet and handy about the house, you should be proud. :)

If anyone has given the impression they are embarrassed by you, PaPa, I can't imagine what it might be that would lead them to say so.

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