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Stolen Book Of Mormon Returned

Mark Beesley

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Deseret News Story

Glad this gal got her First Edition Book of Mormon returned.

The thief was a guy named Jay Michael Linton. A fews years ago there was some guy named Linton in Arizona who made a minor splash leaving the Church. The antis in the Phoenix area liked to parade him around. I'm wondering if this is the same guy.

I had a friend who owned one, got it from his father who used to do a lot of firesides. When his father died he abandoned everything dear...everything! It was heartbreaking to all who knew him.
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While we're on the topic. A couple of years ago I bought a copy of this first edition BOM. Is it the exact copy of the first edition? Or has it been changed before copies have been made? Does anyone know this? I'd love to know I have a copy of the real first edition that JS had printed!

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I have met and had discussions with Helen Schlie. I love her little bookstore near the Mesa Temple. I got to see a copy of the Book of Mormon in Hebrew for the first time when I visited her. She is wonderful! She also gave me copies of some of her poetic work and signed them and dated them.

You used to be able to buy my poetry in GA & FL bookstores...I did not keep it up, although a have a copy of my first check. Now you can print them for free from my blog. I have lost control of the blog with password problems, so I need to do another.
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