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"Lds Church Hq Announces Its Relocation To New Zealand! (Well, Not Really But…..)"

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As a member of the commonwealth... I found a lot of that very funny.

There were a few serious points in it... but the rest of it funny.

The serious bit:

So when we think about the LDS church with its administrative and cultural centre sitting in the US, and in Utah specifically, it takes on certain cultural habits and ideas which are not quite so evident if you live close to the centre, but are glaringly obvious the further you get away from it.

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Funny! You know the first thing that would happen... An apostate group would pop up claiming the church has lost it's way for moving out of Zion. Lol

Or, alternately, that it has become too set in its [now apostate] ways for not doing so. ;)

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The idea of moving the whole Church leadership every few years is pretty intriguing. The logistics might be tricky though; and would the MoTab move as well? I'm thinking they would stay, which could make General Conference broadcasts especially interesting.

Either way, I definitely think we should start instituting Frodo pageants!

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