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An Education In Primary


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Wow, Heavenly Father provided some education for me again, completely unsolicited.

This morning I picked up another Sister and her 3 year old grand daugher and came to church. We got there and I stopped to say hi to one of the Sisters in Primary, and in a loving and kind way, she said, I want you to kneel in front of that mirror and repeat to yourself what it says. This felt weird but she has a compelling presence, so I turned to the mirror and knelt. Much to my astonishment, the mirror says, "I Am A Child Of God" on it. So I did as she asked. It felt strange, but I have decided that I will not resist the Holy Spirit in any way.

As I headed down the hall one of the Bishopric stopped me and asked me if I would fill in with the 6-9 year olds. I haven't worked with that age group in well, a long time. :) I was amazed as I sat in the first part when we were all together. The children were so open and nurtured. Each of the teachers knew exactly what they were doing and did it cheerfully and with love. I was surprised that when one of the toddlers started crying, they were hugged and held and nurtured in the most gentle way.

What a lovely education to me.

Then in Sacrement Serivice, the Stake President asked me to give my testimony; It was Ward Conference, so no pressure!


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