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How To Creat A Link To A Specific Scripture.


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Just figured out how to link to a specific book, chapter, verse in LDS.org

here is an example:

http://www.lds.org /scriptures /nt /acts /17.12? lang=eng #11

a break down:

lds.org = website

/scriptures = specified subpage of lds.org

/nt = New Testament (ot = Old Testament; dc = Doctrine and Covenants; bofm = Book of Mormon; pgp = Pearl of Great Price)

/acts = The Book of Acts

/17.12? = Chapter 17 verse 12

lang=eng = the webpage is in English

#11 = the specific verse, which means the link will open a page and take your browser directly to that verse. And here is gets a little tricky, the verses start with 0 so verse 1 would #0, verse 2 would be #1.

So for lets say I wanted to link to Jarom 1:10

http://www.lds.org /scriptures /bofm /jarom /1.10 ?lang=eng #9 (remove the spaces)

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