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Canard As In Duck (Not Doubt). And Can I Change It?


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I've just had an interesting lesson in the power of the language we use (sometimes unknowingly).

Over on the middle way thread Dan and wayfarer continue their exchange and wayfarer said:

"By continuing the raise this canard, you're demonstrating what I have been saying"

To which I nearly replied "what are you bringing me into it for?" - then googled the definition just in case.

Turns out I may have been sending the wrong message about myself to those with a broad vocabulary. (I had wondered why Prof Midgley appeared a little suspicious of my name in the thread about his article).

I chose Canard (as in the animal) because it was a nickname on my (French-speaking) mission. I only discovered that webster defines it thus:

a : a false or unfounded report or story; especially : a fabricated report

b : a groundless rumor or belief

I'm chuckling that some of you better-read folks (and I'm sure there are plenty given we're surrounded by scholars here) have presumed from the start that my name was a reflection of my doubts about the church.

I have doubts... I just didn't mean to imply as much with my name.

If I ever wanted to change my forum name, is that possible?

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You can change it, you just have to ask the mods to do it. I would send in a report on your own post when you figure out which one you want as the easiest way to contact them...or in the "hot button thread".

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Funny. Okay, so you're changing your name. How about we start calling you GroundlessRumor78? Heh.

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Well, the dictionary gives us many choices:

Main Entry: falsity Part of Speech: noun Definition: dishonesty, deception Synonyms: canard , cheating, deceit, deceptiveness,disingenuousness, double-dealing, duplicity,erroneousness, error, faithlessness, fake,fallacy, falsehood, fib, fraud, fraudulence,hypocrisy, inaccuracy, infidelity, insincerity,lie, mendacity, misrepresentation,perfidiousness, perfidy, prevarication, sham,story, tale, treachery, uncandidness,unfaithfulness, unreality, untruth

Sham isn't bad, short and sweet and has a biblical feel to it. ;)

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