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For those who are interested, Mormondiscussion Podcast has done a couple of interviews recently and is working on more.

Interview w/ Brian Whitney - Brian is currently serving in the LDS Church History Department and shares his faith journey, faith crisis, and reconciliation.



sound quality is much better in part 2 then part 1

Interview w/ Morris

Morris considers himself a "New Order Mormon". He discusses his early faith journey which includes being abused, his faith crisis, and his remaining in the LDS church despite his less then fundamental faith.



This podcast takes on a faithful perspective but also wants to deal with why faith crisis occurs and how others have dealt with it, both faithfully and those who have lost belief. Faithful perspectives are desired and any wishing to explore doing an interview can PM me or post to this thread.

Also any discussion on these podcasts are welcome


Bill Reel

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      Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ created other worlds besides ours. Do those other worlds get a "millennium" like us?  I'm just curious.
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      I'm with my son in the ER (4th consecutive day of severe headaches). During the registration process, I was asked his religious preference. "LDS" I replied.
    • By HappyJackWagon
      For those of you who love to hate Bill Reel, get your knives out.
      But for those of you who love to listen to podcasts, you should listen to Bill's new 6 part series where he has a long and winding interview with Jim Bennett and they discuss virtually every hard Mormon issue under the sun. Seriously, they cover a ton of ground.
      Jim did an in depth response to the CES letter (https://canonizer.com/files/reply.pdf)  and gives a solid response from the "faithful" side as Bill plays his usual role as devil's advocate. It's interesting that both Jim and Bill offer some concessions on their side when the other makes good points. Frankly, that's the way discussions should be. No person is ever 100% right and seldom is a person 100% wrong  
      In any case, if podcasts are your thing you should definitely check it out. There is so much content that it's hard to just choose one area to discuss so I'll just throw out this question instead.
      Is it possible for a faithful member to confess that there are legitimate problems in Mormon History and doctrine, OR does that person immediately become unfaithful when they legitimize errors of the church and it's leaders?
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      If any are interested, there is a new free pdf book available comparing the order of Nehor characteristics with the Maya religion at www.academia.edu/35102438/EVIDENCE_of_the_NEHOR_RELIGION_in_MESOAMERICA
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      In 2 Nephi 2, Joseph, son of Lehi, is given this promise by his father:
      There is some question who this "one mighty among them" will be. It's not Joseph Smith, because the one will be a descendant of Lehi. Joseph Fielding Smith and Spencer Kimball suggested it would be a future prophet to come out of the remnants of Lehi (a "Lamanite" or "Indian" prophet).
      Let me propose another candidate, one who we all know well but perhaps take for granted.
      He did much good in word and deed. He was an instrument in the hands of God. He had exceeding faith. He worked mighty wonders. He did that thing which is great in the sight of God in bringing restoration to the house of Israel and the seed of Lehi.   1. He did much good in word and deed.
      2. He was an instrument in the hands of God.
      3. He had exceeding faith.
      4. He worked mighty wonders.
      5. He did that thing which is great in the sight of God in bringing the restoration to the house of Israel and the seed of Lehi.
      Yes, I'm talking about that giant of a Nephite, the Prophet Mormon. As a boy, he was a leader of men. As a man, he was one of the greatest prophets of God. As a prophet, he was fearless in his faith and secure in his knowledge. As a warrior, he gave his life in defense of his people. As a father, he inspired greatness in his son Moroni. As a historian, he was entrusted to make and preserve the record of his people that became the foundation of the Restoration. Truly, he was "one mighty among them."
      Granted, some may point out that he claimed to be a descendant of Nephi, not Joseph, but it is reasonable to conclude that the descendants of the faithful Lehites (Nephi, Sam, Joseph, Jacob, and Zoram) intermarried and all could claim to be descended from Nephi. In fact, all the descendants of those Lehi sons became grouped under the head of Nephi. But is it not possible that this man was the one prophesied to come and bring restoration to Lehi's family?
      Others may have come to this conclusion, but I'm not aware of any who have proposed Mormon. Feel free to burst that bubble of pride.
      Your thoughts?
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