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Pres. Snow'S Daughter Living To The 1980'S?


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Some years ago I had heard that President Lorenzo Snow had a daughter who lived up until the 1980's or even later-she would have been super old when she died and he would have had to have been super old when she was born. Does anyone know if this is true?

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Or "hope-ing" for death...my mother once told me there is not a kitchen on earth big enough for two women. :)

Which is why, to the best of my knowledge, many husbands had multiple houses, one per wife, or at least a separate apartment for each wife.

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according to the unassailable wikipedia, Rhea Lucille was born in 1896 when Pres. Snow was about 82. She lived until 1976. Pres. snow had 11 wives.

Wow. President Kimball was born in 1895, so she could have lived into the 1980s (or into the 1990s with President Benson, who was born in 1899).

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