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My Grandson Is A Hero


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My twelve-year-old grandson came to the defense of his mom and got punched in the eye by her new husband. To the best of my knowledge my grandson has never been in a fight before, and his first fight, he went up against a full-grown man. His mom has been telling her new husband to leave for two weeks and he refuses, and has managed to sabotage her attempts to get paperwork started to end the marriage (she's the bread-winner all around). He was attempting to take her wallet by force, and my grandson tried to help his mom hold onto her wallet and that's when he got punched. While at first glance it looks like my grandson took second place in the fight, he accomplished what nobody else has been able to do: he got her worthless soon-to-be-ex thrown out (in handcuffs) and put in jail, and where he's now looking at a year in prison for assaulting a minor, and there will probably be other charges as well. I hear that prison life is no picnic for inmates who are there because they assaulted a child.

I am very proud of my grandson.

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You should be.

Hopefully the soon to be ex will be smart enough now to stay away.

Sorry your family has to go through this with the abuse. Very hard and frustrating, I went through it with my sister.

Thank you very much, Cal. I hope things worked out okay for your sister.

The mom and her three kids went to the police station and gave detailed statements, I'm sure there will soon be a restraining order in place, which I hope deters him. It is very hard for me to trust that the system will work; I'm kinda old-school about some things, and have a different idea of what might deter him. But frankly he's more the professional weasel/moocher type than the violent criminal type, so I think he'll probably move along and try to become someone else's problem once he's free again.

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Good on your grandson! :) He is intrepid beyond his years!

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