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Anyone Else Having Problems With Thread Pages Loading?


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I am not having any problems with the main page or the forum's thread index, but I am getting thread pages halfway loaded and it is happening on two of my computers at home (my husband is a prof and gets a computer allowance and his old computers migrate home so it is rather embarrassing the number of computers we have laying around the house) and there is no issue with any other site so I am thinking maybe it's something more global than just the age of my computers.

So anyone else having this problem and if so, any hints on how to fix it?

I even get it when I click on going to the last post posted, the first time I get the everloading, never loaded top of the thread page, so then I back space and repeat the click and then it comes up with the last post and I just read backwards until I get to where I last read...but am missing a few posts here and there due to the haphazard nature of the process.

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I did find that if you click on the post number (it is in the top right hand corner of a post) of the latest post that is loading up, that it immediately refreshes the page so that it is completely showing and no posts are cut off at the bottom. Saves time backspacing and clicking on the most recent post.

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