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I Need Your Help Finding The Title Of Lds Cd I Lost


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I know this sounds weird, but I used to own a audio CD that was composed of testomonies of different Apostles and Prophets. It also had piano music that accompanied the CD. It was my favorite CD ever and I lost it. Does anyone know what is the name of the CD or where I could get it again. I remember specifically that the CD had Bruce R McConkie's last testimony on it ( not the whole talk, just the last 2 minutes of it), and also Gordon B Hinkley bore his testimony. Please I would appreciate any help I could get with the title of the CD or where i could buy it. Thanks


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  1. The one you are referring to was all the current apostles and prophet that was put out in the last 5 years? Thanks for your help, but thats not it. The one I am referring to is an audio CD only and had piano music and the 2 tesimonies I remember were Bruce R McConkie and gordon b hinkley.

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It might have been an audio version of the older Special Witnesses of Christ video that came out quite some time ago (I remember it in our previous ward so that had to be over 10 years). If so, I don't think you can get that version any more from the Church, they have a new one more up to date. However, check your local ward library, they should have the video and you can check to see if that is the same one and if so, then somehow record the audio off of it?

I will try and remember to check next Sunday, but likely won't be going over to the church before then.

I may be remembering the title wrong though.

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