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Organizing Photos


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My photos on my computer have become such a mess! Somehow I got lots of duplicates in different folders, but it's hard to find them all. I was reading about something called Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder, which is a free download. Have any of you used it? I've been working on organizing everything for quite a few hours and am nervous I will delete some things I didn't mean to. Some of my files have the same name, but different photos, so I can't delete based on names. I need a program that will recognize the photos by what they look like.

I also want to erase my external hard drive and start over with only one copy of each picture. :D When we needed the back-up folder, it was ridiculously difficult to restore everything. We couldn't get the automatic restore to work, so I had to go into hundreds of zipped files and extract them. I will have to find a better way to back everything up. We only want to back up documents, pictures, videos, etc. Our automatic back-up had tons of duplicates in there too!

I'm also going to buy a new hard drive just for music and put all of my husband's CD's on it for Christmas. :D

Any helpful tips?

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I don't know of any program that recognizes images but I am surprised you have more than one picture with the same file name.

Not unusual as long as they reside in different folders. I do taxes and I have files with the same name in different client folders. They do not contain the same info but do have the same name.

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Yes, like with our videos, if the computer thinks they're new when we insert the memory card, it will add them to the folder and give them a different name.

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