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Missionary Door To Door Dialogue


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I'd like to ask if there is anyone on here who has been a missionary? And if so, what are the exact words that you would use after you knock on the door and ask people if they have time to hear about Mormonism?

no set dialogue. I alwasy introduced myself and said where I was from and we wanted to share a message about Christ with them, also build on something they have or said or something i.e if they have a MASH TV show on I would comment on that, I dunno I liked going door to door because in California you never know who or what will be behind that door! Why do you ask?

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It's for a screenplay. Short film. Wanted to get some real dialogue.

FWIW my companion and I got paid once to get interviewed by a motivational speaker in what we do, we gave him what he wanted to know and we got 20 clams each, he was happy and so were we!

also if people got snippy yippy with me I had a theory then and kinda now, if you can give it you better sure as heck can take it! Once we had this guy yell at us to "go back to Utah" and I yelled back in a nice way of course "I am not from Utah, I am from Canada! and he was like "oh, my wife's Canadian!

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