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My Thoughts On Elections & Prayer: A Letter To America

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Thoughts on Elections & Prayer

We now are in a position to recognize a startling fact. Hundreds of millions of people literally have the evidence. There is no coincidence involved and the evidence cannot be denied. God did not answer tens of millions of seriously sincere and heartfelt prayers. The supporters of Romney are absolute witnesses to this.

The reaction of people after Obama won the election is equally fascinating. I hear some saying “Now… now we need to pray even more and harder than before that God will now save our nation!” But on reflection, God could have done that already by simply inspiring more people’s hearts to vote for Romney in the first place. What makes you think he’s going to listen now?

God didn’t answer the tens of millions of Evangelical Christian prayers to get one of their guy in the nomination slot. But God sure answered the Mormon prayers! Their “cultist” (as Evangelicals call Mormons) guy got in! God is obviously on the Mormon’s side here!

From the point of view on Obama’s side they know that God answers prayers. God obviously was and is on their side, Obama won!

This theology of prayer puts God between a rock and a hard place. He cannot answer everyone’s prayers, even though the scripture does promise “ask and ye shall receive,” so perhaps God received a few million more prayers for Obama than the prayers offered for Romney and he went with the majority. Who knows?

God had nothing to do with the election, the American people did. Or, perhaps God does want Obama in office. Perhaps it is His will, and the sore losers who say now America will fall don’t have enough faith in God and sorely need to repent of their lack of faith.

If God really does intervene in human affairs then aren’t things going exactly as God already foresaw? If he already knew this would happen, and it was highly displeasing to him, wouldn’t he have done something about it? He used to do something about entire nations if we care to believe the mythology in the Old Testament really happened.

So has God changed? Not necessarily. He, after all, could easily have changed the results of this election had He wanted to. God does have the power, He just chose not to use it, even in the face of millions upon millions of serious prayers to Him to do so. That is, if you favored and prayed for Romney to win.

We would, no doubt, have heard all kinds of testimonies of strengthened faith if Romney had won. All kinds of burning in bosoms of truth and prophecy fulfilled would have been preached, with scriptures reinterpreted again to be fulfilled in Romney had he won. God would have been indirectly vindicating Mormonism in the minds of millions of Mormons. I heard people talk like this all through this election cycle, it would have multiplied into infinity afterwards had he won. Perhaps God in His mercy has spared the rational minded thinkers form having to bear with all this after the fact silliness. See? God is still at work his mystery to perform form that point of view.

The thinking that God is on our side and answers our prayers because we are righteous theology has been tested in this election like in no other. And it has been shown to be truly silly. Of course, this comes from a literal reading of the Old Testament of God choosing Israel and fighting her battles for her literally, but today?

We have seen that God was clearly not on Romney’s side (assuming this theological thinking). People who think like this have no choice but to accept that conclusion if they supported Romney.

You threw your money down the drain, wasted hours upon hours, days, weeks, and months even in prayer, campaigning and rallying the troops. There is no doubt you are and were seriously sincere with hearts full of prayers for Romney to win… and God failed you.

Perhaps one can fudge saying that well it wasn’t God’s will then. Well… then… why all the complaining and accusation of Satan’s plot with America failing and we are moving to Australia or Canada or wherever else? If it’s God’s will then shut up and lets build America under God with Obama.

The thinking that if we lose, prayer didn’t work, but if we win, then God gets the glory makes no sense. If you win and God gets the credit, then shouldn’t He be blamed if you lose? If prayer is supposed to really work, why didn’t it this time of serious need and sincere praying with total heart and desire? Surely no prayers were offered in only half sincerity were they?

So where is God when you really NEED him? That’s easy. He’s on their side. Obviously! They won didn’t they? This is the problem with this kind of thinking that says God is on our side, because we are right, and especially because we are righteous.

And if God really hates liberal Democrats, pinkos, commies, nudists, gays, prostitutes, drug users, sluts, abortionists, socialists, tattooed drug users, long haired rap and rock and roll musicians, atheists, and everyone else that we don’t like, then why doesn’t He do something about it? He used to in ancient Israel if we are to believe the Bible stories of old.

Maybe it isn’t God who hates, but those who think that God is on our side and answers only our prayers because only we are righteous. And when God fails to answer these people’s prayers, they hate it, and project that hate onto a loving God who allowed Obama to be re-elected, nay, wanted Obama’s re-election! All the self-righteous judgment and angry indignation heaped upon everyone else, dividing our nation and causing problems are simply lack of faith in God’s judgment after all.

Might this be the reason that nations have fallen? It may not have anything to do with God, and everything to do with us ignoring God’s wise words, “love your enemies.”

So you want God on your side? Stop praying and start loving your enemies, not to mention your neighbors, even those who voted for Obama. Uh, that is, if we actually believe Jesus really spoke those words and meant what he said. The “righteous” hold up their Bibles as their standard, but do they do the Bible’s words?

Preach me a sermon through your actions, not your hate filled “righteous” preaching, laying your own hate onto a loving God as if that’s His thinking, and condemning others in His holy name with your own twisted hypocrisy.

You actually have the gall to pray for God to destroy his children? He might start listening to your prayers if you first love your enemies. Try it, it might surprise you how well God legitimately answers your prayers from now on as you legitimately practice His words from now on.

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