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Jews Not My Favorite People.


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I hope that no one burns me at the stake before you read this. I was raised in the USA and in very, extremely conservative christian culture after I turned about 26. We were taught that the Jews were Heavenly Father's chosen people. So, 30 years later when I left christianity out of frustration and exaspiration and went to Islam, I was quickly dispelled of the idea that the Jews were so wonderful and that is the way it was for the next 7 years.

So, now being back in the Christian camp, I am struggling with the Jews. One church I used to be in said that the Jews killed Jesus Christ. After studying for a while, it seemed obvious to me that Jesus Christ was killed by the Romans.

So, the Muslims have been having a hate/hate relationship with the Jews every since about 650 AD. From their side, they made a lot of effort to make friends with them but they were constantly treacherous.

I'm still getting used to the Mormon take on who the Jews are. From the Book of Mormon, the children of the Jews here in the Western Hemisphere sure spent a lot of time in the pride/fall cycle, or as I think of it, on the spin cycle. I don't understand Humans. We seem to be constantly pleasing and displeasing Heavenly Father. It just makes my shoulders sag.

I've known several Jews and my experience with them has been about 50% bad and 50% good. That doesn't promote negative prejudice much does it?

As far as the Holy Land, I think that Heavenly Father should take the Jews and the Muslims there out to the wood shed and lick them both.

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