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Mormonstories Conference Podcast #379 "Richard Bushman, Andrew Kimmball And The Sabre Rattlers


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Great podcast and I appreciate that Richard Bushman continues to help those who struggle.

I really relate to Richard Bushman's faith walk. He mentions that some people in the church "know" the church is true, and some "believe" the church is true, or believe in the BOM and JS, etc. Bro. Bushman's testimony is that he believes in the church. I was one of those people at one time who knew the church was true. But probably not like the people Bushman was referring to. I just knew since childhood, without really knowing or trying to gain a testimony. I never thought I needed to get a testimony since I already believed or knew. Now with my faith crisis I see what everyone else means when they talk about gaining one. I'm dense that way. I guess someone like me needs a crisis in order to really gain a true testimony.

But it's a journey and I'm not sure where I'll end up for now but really enjoy reading this board with your experiences & testimonies, some are amazing, in that you've had the actual revelation that the church is true! But by continually participating and reading on this board I've been able to stay in the church.

Edit to add: this is a good podcast also, thanks DBMormon!


Sorry for the misspell of Andrew Kimball's name in the OP. He is the grandson of Pres. Spencer & Camilla Kimball.

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