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Should I Leave The Church?


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First off, let me say that Heavenly Father through the Missionaries pulled me back toward life and I am really grateful for that.

There is an issue about me, that I have been instructed to not talk of, but once in a while a sister figures it out and there is this whole thing while she adjusts to her new knowlege about me in spite of the fact that my membership went clear to the GA for approval. I do a considerable about of volunteer work, and absolutely obey church doctrines. Yet, this thing continues to follow me, and in spite of the Atonement, it continues to hurt me.

Today, I was driving to another assignment, and suddenly felt crushed. In my heart I realize that I am sick of feeling ashamed, of potential rejection, and I've come to the place that I can hardly stand it any more. It seems like a good idea to seek out another church, and it makes me feel so torn that I just don't know what to do.

We have found from sad experience that this is not a healthy place to air highly personal problems that require more than casual comments. If you want to discuss a general topic such as forgiveness that would be appropriate.

Our guidelines caution: " This is not a support group. If you are having a spiritual crisis and need help, contacting your local leaders would be the appropriate action and of course, taking your problem to our Father in Heaven. We do care very much for struggling members, but we don't want to see you made a target for judgment and insults. Don't make yourself the subject."

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