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Life On Other Planets



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  1. 1. Is there life elsewhere?

    • Almost certainly
    • I remain open-minded
    • No - it's unscriptural. The Earth is the home of all life

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Hello all - hope yu are all happy and well. I'm Mark, originally from Texas.

For my first post here, I wanted to kick off with something interesting. Following from the recent planet thread, I wondered what people thought about the possibility of life on other planets?

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The other poll allowed for skepticism not based on Scripture. I am very skeptical about life on other planets. But I do not say it is unscriptural.

For this poll, "I remain open-minded", most closely represents my position. Seeing that I was the only one who even thought life (vegetative in my case) on other planets was unlikely from the other poll, the likelihood is remote that there will be a single vote saying it is unscriptural. The most extreme skeptic from the other poll (me) won't go that far.

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Out of the billions and billions of stars and planets in the universe there must almost certainly be other lifeforms, even intelligent lifeforms, would be my best guess.

I don't really "get" the "unscriptural" reference, either.

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