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Earth-Sized Planet Found Orbiting Alpha Centauri B


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Closeness in space is relative. Compared to the scale of even just our galaxy it is very very close. It takes light about 9 minutes to go from our sun to us, and 4.5 years for light to travel from the Alpha Centauri system of suns to us. At speeds humans, and/or their machines can presently obtain, it is still 10's of thousands of years away.

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We need to find intelligent life so we can prank them. I want to pretend to be the Vogons and announce that their planet is scheduled for demolition so we can build a hyperspace bypass through their star system. Either that or shoot them spam advertisements non-stop.

There is a reason they will not let me work in the SETI program or its offshoots. :(

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If planets around a binary system is a rarity, how about the planet they found that orbits four, count them, four stars, which is a.... wait for it...wait for it...a circumbinary system.

Citizen astronomers lead to first-of-a-kind discovery: circumbinary planet in four-star system

Whether or not one is able to name the seasons on such an orb is a the new test for the early onset of alzheimers..

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