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Requesting Help Finding Passages Of Scripture

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I'm having a difficult time finding some passages I need for an essay I'm working on. One's a standard divine council text where YHWH stands in council and accuses the other gods of being unjust. The other refers to YHWH receiving dominion over Israel because he is the most righteous of the gods in the same council.

I believe they are in Deutronomy or Psalms.

Thank you,

Yours under the sacred oaks,

Nathair /|\

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Psalms 82 - Was it YWHW who stood in the midst of the council or was it Eloheim?

Deuteronomy 32:8 - Most versions of the Bible say that it was split among the "children of Israel," but many of the modern scholars and some new versions of the Bible say that it was divided among the "sons of God" referring to the Divine Council which was composed of the sons of El Elyon, the Most High God or Eloheim.

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