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New York Times: Why I Love Mormonsim


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That was my reaction. Unless we are parsing the differences between godhood and Godhood, or godhood and goddesshood he has some very intelligent insights.

The best point he makes is that any critique should begin with substance and not slander.

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I disagree with his women and godhood part. I also don't like how he used Bloom and the plural marriage since I don't think that will come back. That being said, over all it was pretty decent for a non-member and it went deeper than most people understand.

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It is an interesting article. Sure, he gets a few things wrong but that is to be expected. I, for one, appreciated his thoughtful engagement with the "intriguing" ideas contained in Joseph Smith's King Follett Sermon and the Sermon at the Grove. And I happen to share his high opinion of James Faulconer, one of the BYU philosophers he referred to. Faulconer is a gem.

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