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This Is Me!!!


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Dos Equis, that is the age, my mind wants to believe it is. That is the total number of years in my life that I have been married. My IQ has quite reached XX yet, but, with all my humility and letting others realize my greatest trait, my humility, my hat size is XX, but last Sunday when I had to give a talk in Sacrament meeting about what I could do to increase my humility, it shot up to XXXX when I realized I had nothing to talk about, so I talked about how a couple of my former bishops could become more humble. XX is the number of miles I drive to work and then the number of miles I drive back home. XX can also stand for my two exes who don't live in Texas.

Several years ago, at a father/son outing, we had a race where the father was blindfolded and the son sat 0n his shoulder and told him where to run in a race. It was twenty yards to a cone, around the cone, and then back to the start line. My son and another kid directed their fathers into a headbanging incident which put us down on the ground. He hit me right over my left eye and I hit him on the side temple. I had two beautiful black eyes the next day (Sunday) and the other father's whole side of the his side was bruised down to the base of the neck. The Dos Equis could represent my two black eyes, XX.

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