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What Is It With So Much Talent Coming Out Of The Lds Religion?


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Well, talent in the arts, especially music and dancing. Is it because so many LDS mothers get their kids in these lessons at a very young age? In my opinion it started out with the pioneers coming to the Salt Lake Valley and with Brigham Young. He was very into the arts. I think it's passed on through the generations.

Take for instance "Dancing With the Stars", look at how many are instructors/choreographers. Also, the "So You Think You Can Dance" show, right now there are a couple from Utah that are competing for the top spot and through the years several all hail from Utah, particularily in the Provo area.

Last night I went to a concert here in Farmington Utah, it was free, yes! It was the group "Eclipse" a singing group born and raised in various towns in Utah. They don't use any instruments, but you could swear they do. Please visit their website, you'll be amazed. And they are pretty much all LDS too, from what I observed! http://eclipsesinger...eatured-videos/

(I especially like "His Eye is on the Sparrow")

And this: http://eclipsesingers.com/wp/videos/

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We have a long tradition of supporting the arts especially painting and vocal music in the LDS church. I suspect some of it comes from that. I see a similar flow of talent from black gospel churches going into Jazz and then R&B and popular music in the last century.

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