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Posting Our Personal Life?


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In another thread I posted:

DavidB, on 24 August 2012 - 12:15 PM, said:

Bcspace claims to either be in a Stake Presidency or a Bishopric, most likely a Stake Presidency as else where he said he called a High Councilor in and instructed him on what to speak. Bcspace is also of the opinion that no one who claims to be a good Mormon can be a Democrat; except those Apostles that he would otherwise have to state as being a supporter of a group I.e. Democratic party, which has zero in common with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So when he uses "we" he is speaking of his priesthood position to revoke and issue recommends.

Subsequently I was banned "You are out of the thread for discussing another poster's alleged personal life. "

What did I post that is "alleged".

Bcspace has claimed on this board of to be one of six leadership positions which issues Temple recommends.

In another thread someone posted:

You've [bcspace] said before that the Democratic Party is completely incompatible with LDS doctrine

Bcspace responded: I stand by those past words unequivocally and I freely speak them on other boards or in face to face discussion currently.

Given that Bcspace has made his life known to the Board, there is no "alleged personal life", as far as Bcspace is concerned he is presenting the truth to us.

The question I have then is, when a poster post their personal life on this board, what is the prohibited information that can not be re-posted?

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