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6 Reasons Why Mormons Are Beating Evangelicals In Church Growth

Mark Beesley

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I saw this article the other day and thought it rather interesting. Two things struck me.

1. The author needs to get on the same page of everyone else who keep criticizing the Church for claiming to be fasting growing Church in America. We don't really claim it, others claim it for us (like this author), and we get blamed for it.

2. I have always thought it kind of a disconnect that the strength of the Church lies, in part, in its expectation that members sacrifice, but even this author sees the connection. (Part of that sacrifice includes making unconditional donations to the Church and trusting the leadership to be wise with Church expenditures. :) )

All in all, a good article.

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The titles to some of the links in that article are funny. For example, "church-membership-southern-baptists-decline-cults-growing". Looks like one of them lost membership, I'm assuming, by no longer counting their inactives:

Oddly, the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc., which has 1,010,000 members, reported a 59.60 percent decline in membership due in part to a new methodology of counting members.

We would probably lose a similar percentage if we did the same.

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