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Noted Biblical Scholar, Chapman Professor Dies At 64

Ron Beron

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While Marvin Meyer was not LDS he was a noted scholar of the Gnostic Gospels and made regular appearances on many documentaries. I had the occasion to meet him as he was running between classes at Chapman University where I was teaching Japanese. He'll be missed.


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That is a great shame, I have a few of his books, such as the anthologies of mystery religionand gnosticism.

He did some work in NT magic and mysticism. I wish I had bought this book when it came available. They will be having a symposium about his work later this year at Chapman University. Hopefully, I can get over there.
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I have a cousin who works as an Administrator in Admissions, at Chapman, and she knew this man. It was quite a shock to the whole campus.

His work sounds very interesting.

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