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Interesting Article On Lds Church Finances


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I'm a retired psychiatric social work, and have a thorough background in the science of sociology. There was little to no actual sociology in that report.

If Bill Gates walked into a dive bar the mean income of the patrons, and owners, of that bar would fly through the roof. But I couldn't say much more than that.

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Heh. The article says other churches get a better return on investment and in the next paragraph talks about the huge sums invested in charitable causes. Praising us with faint damns.

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I predict that this thread will devolve into a discussion where critics tell us how we can better spend the money they don't donate within two pages! As an added bonus the words shopping mall will be a part of that discussion.

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I don't demand that the critics to understand that however worthy charitable causes are, they are but one of the four fold mission of the Church. That the faithful members of the Church don't expect an earthly return on investment for the Church. But it would be nice if they would find out what we believe before spouting off about it.

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