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Athiests Unite


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Atheist billboards mock Romney, Obama religion

Hey, President Obama and contender Mitt Romney, the American Atheists want your attention. They're unveiling a new in-your-face-to-the-faithful billboard campaign, timed to the national presidential nominating conventions.

Today's press conference revealed signs that call God "sadistic" and Jesus "useless" as a savior (his image is show as toast, literally) and conclude that Atheism, by contrast, is "simply reasonable."

Presumably, Catholics such as Vice President Biden and Romney's running mate choice Paul Ryan, are covered in this hit on Christians such as Obama, a mainline Protestant.

But evidently the American Atheists don't consider Mormons to be Christians, since they prepared a separate billboard attack on their faith. It derides their idea of God as a "space alien" and notes that Mormons offer a proxy baptism to dead relatives -- a practice the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints acknowledges has gotten out of hand with some believers inappropriately baptizing Holocaust victims and others not related to their own families.


The Column concludes:

DO YOU THINK ... the billboards will convert anyone away from religion? Is it "simply reasonable" to mock belief?

Penny for your thoughts.

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Most athiests I know wouldn't want to be associated with this group. In fact, I don't know any that belong to this organization.

Where are the voices of moderate atheists to condemn this hateful usurpation of their peaceful religion? :tribal:

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