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You Can'T Go Home Again...We Shall See.

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Everyone knows the saying..."you can't go home again". After the first time I slept in my room at home 46 years ago...I am home again, until the end of my Mother's life. in short as long as she needs us...my wife and I am are here.

We moved into this house when I was 8 years old...no one has ever lived in this house but my family. 30 secs from my porch is a marina on a large lake with 1,000's of boats...very beautiful.

It was here my father officially adopted me and changed my name from "Nation" to "Lee".

It was here the boy became the poet...the poet became a man.

It was here I feel in love.

It was here I went into the military and saw the world.

It was here my "soul" came to life!

Welcome home Bill...btw now where my son will return from his mission in just 5 months.

Almost forgot, I was married in this house. The Bpatist Minister who married Pam and I later caused a stir when he sold the land for the first LDS Church close by...will will have to go further away.

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Pa Pa you can always go home again its just that it's not the same. Some things are better some not. The first time your parents were taking care of you. This time you are taking care of your mother. Love has come full circle. Your son will come home from his mission and for as long as life lets him, he will help you help grandma. He has and will continue to learn from you what it means to be a family. There will be times when it will be difficult for all concerned but as you come through it I think you will find it worth it. God bless you and your family.


That does help...a lot!
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Not to downplay what you're going through. But that has always been my dream home. To live on lake front property or the beach. I hope things are getting better for you Pa Pa. From the sound of it, our boys served in the same area. My son served in the Oakland California mission. He's been home for two years now. Didn't you say your son was serving in Northern California or am I thinking of someone else?

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