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100Th Anniversary Of The Eagle Scout Award


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April 1, 1912 the first Eagle Scout rank was awarded. Read all about it:

Michael Malone: A Century of Eagle Scouts.

My two sons hated scouts after 15 or 16...my friend and Bishop forced his boy's to make Eagle. He told my youngest he told was not doing the Lord's work for not being an Eagle Scout...then pulled me aside and said that if he did not he would probably not serve a mission. BTW Caleb is now in his 19th month of his mission. He was my friend, but the worst Bishop I ever had. He was my HT and ran people down all the time. His oldest son is gay, I won't tell you what he called his own son.
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Compelling someone to do something even if we think it is right is never a good idea. I have found joining my boys in Scouting activities is much more effective than dragging them to activities and dropping them off.

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