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Stephen Covey Passes Away


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A nice man a good consultant and a FANTASTIC marketing genius.

I met him a couple of times and he was gracious and personable in the middle of large crowds trying to get his attention. That takes some genuine people skills.

He can now dispense with his earthly work and get to the celestial stuff! Prayers of comfort for his family.

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I never really knew him in any personal way. I met him a few times and we had some extended conversations. He was important to my understanding of things. And he was very energetic.

He could have a meeting and then lay down on the floor and sleep for 10 minutes and get up refreshed. On the floor with no pillow.

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Sad to hear of his passing, definitely keeping his family in my prayers.

What was this about it being from complications from a bicycle accident?

Look like back in April he was involved in a bike accident that caused some bleeding in the brain, even though he was wearing a helmet. Perhaps there was a reoccurrence, the body doesn't heal as quickly at that age.
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But your avatar looks so young and beautiful!!!!

That's why we have avatars. 8)

Though I'm no quite as old as Br. Covey was I still think of him as a contemporary.

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