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Choosing To Be Happy; Men Are That They Might Have Joy...

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My friend Alan gave an excellent talk in Church yesterday. Like most good talks there were the personal details that pique your interest, but the theme was really thought provoking.

It was how we choose to delay, or postpone being happy.

There were some newspaper articles here in the UK last week about a bloke who'd written on this subject. Alan picked up on it & added the benefit of his hindsight.

All too often when we're in the thick of the fight trying to raise a family we surmise that we can't feel happiness, that somehow it might be innappropriate if not downright impossible.

We think, one day in the future when the kids have left home, or when the mortgage has been paid off, or even when we retire, that's the time that we'll be able to be happy.

Wise man that he is, Alan told us that looking back, the times that he was happiest were back in the day, when the kids were growing up, but somehow he'd been too tied up in life to fully realise or fully appreciate it.

Some of us never learn that important point, it's no good looking back later & thinking I wish I could do it again, the time to be happy is now; even if, and more probably because, you're up to your eyeballs in debt, the kids are running riot, or generally life's too much.

I'd like to add my own oft repeated thought, no one on their death bed ever wished they'd spent more time at work, more likely they'd wish to have spent it with the people that they loved, doing the things that made them happy.

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We start young... "when I'm 16"... "when I get married"... "when I finish school"... "when I'm settled in my career"... etc etc etc... and before we know it, life has passed us by without our ever really taking the time to live in the moment and embrace each day...


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