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Gg Gave Me An Idea...See How It Turned Out.

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I posted for ideas while recovering from a broken back.

She suggested Scripture reading and writing poetry...so I combined them.

From Nephi 1...

The Beginning

Father Lehi, in ancient days

Unto the Father, he did pray.

Thus the journey there began,

Leading to the promised land.

To his brethren he was sent,

"Call my people to repent".

The Prophet's voice they would not hear

Israel's God, they did not fear.

"Take they children and thy wife,

Leave Jerusalem, preserve thy life.

"I will take thee by the hand,

And lead thee to the promised land".

To his sons he did command,

"Return again unto our land.

Bring to me the Prates of Brass,

That we may all preserve our past".

Nephi said, "I will go,

The path I take the Lord will show".

With Laban's sword with his right hand

He did obey the Lord's ommand.

"Return again it Ismael's house,

For his daughters ye shal espouse".

Ismael's obeyed the Lord's command,

His seed wil see the promised land.

William E. Lee

Be. Kind...first draft.

Sorry a about spelling.

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Pa Pa...

Yes, that is time well spent... I can raise my brush and my strokes create a painting on the blank canvas... just as surely you raise your pen and create a word image on your blank paper. I've always admired your poetry.


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