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I can ... quote ... the entire post. ... I just pull out a piece ... so I can quote out of context. :diablo:

I just use the quote button and delete what I don't want. If there's another way then I'm sure someone who is more experienced will let us both know. :D

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How do I just pull out a piece of a post?

  • Copy the portion of a post by highlighting the text, then hitting Ctrl+C (copy).
  • Ctrl+V (paste) the text into a new reply.
  • Add {quote name='username'} to the beginning of the quoted text.
  • Add {/quote} at the end of the quoted text.
  • Compose your reply.
  • Click the Add Reply button.

note: replace all { } with [ ].

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Another way if you don't care about identifying the writer, just copy and paste the text that you want to quote into your reply, highlight it and then hit the quote button (the little talk bubble on the second line above, 7th over from the right.

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