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Church Burns Down

Damien the Leper

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if it was arson I hope they catch the up to no gooders

I for one sympathize more with this distinguished member of Monty Python:

"Look at arson - I mean, how many of us can honestly say that at one time or another he hasn't set fire to some great public building. I know I have."

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A local church in Tolleson, AZ burned yesterday. Here is the AZCentral article

LDS Church Burns

This is very sad news for members of the church in this area.

I lived in a time when others who considered themselves Christian burned black Churches...at 16 I encounterd JB Stoner outside an ice cream shop trying to block the store because they served black people. I told him what I though of him...he called me a name that he thought would be an insult. He later ran for State Senate...little did I know when I met that he was one of the men who blew up the Birgingham Church that killed four children. I don't know why that story just popped in my mind...but any Church burning for any reason hurts me so.
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